Gaines supervisor should follow procedures, not blame others in running town government

Posted 1 August 2018 at 11:48 am


I am surprised, puzzled and concerned by Supervisor Joe Grube’s response to my original letter. Mr. Grube responded more like a candidate seeking an office and not like what I expected from a supervisor. I apologize if he was offended by me reminding the public of the promises that he made to have honest, open government and respectful debate on issues of importance. Perhaps he was offended by me identifying actions that he personally orchestrated, and for which he should take full responsibility and accountability.

The Gaines supervisor needs to stop framing all problems or issues as “us versus them” and playing the classic “blame game” to justify his choices. He is the only one doing that at this point. That may have been effective when running for an office, but serves no purpose at this point.

I am also personally saddened that Supervisor Grube chose to attack the residents of his own Town that worked on the Comprehensive Plan and the Ad Hoc committee that was tasked with making revisions. They deserve an apology for having their efforts belittled and devalued and not acknowledging and recognizing all of their contributions on behalf of the Town.

Supervisor Grube’s attempt to misdirect and mislead by providing half truths and attacking individuals is a disservice to the office he is entrusted to uphold. Mr. Grube indicated he reached out several times to me, the fact is he left one voicemail message at my office number while I was on vacation – no further details provided.

A supervisor is not a one-man show, and he needs to work with his board and follow all proper procedures and use all Town resources at his disposal. When Mr. Grube criticizes the past administration, he must be including several current members of the current Town Council.

Lost in Supervisor Grube’s response was his failure to address several significant issues that should raise a red flag for all residents in the Town of Gaines.


• Why did the Supervisor and Town Council ignore its own Zoning Ordinance requiring the ZBA to prepare and amend the comprehensive land development plan for the Town?

• Why did the Supervisor and Town Council ignore its own prior resolution to have the ZBA and Town attorney provide options and possible methods to update the zoning ordinance?

• Who requested and authorized LaBella Associates to provide an RFP to the Town for professional services?

• Did the Town Council or ZBA receive a copy of the proposal to review, understand or comment on prior to the evening of the board meeting to formulate intelligent responses?

• Does anyone believe there was only one qualified consultant to choose from?

• Why was the Town’s very own procurement policy ignored?

• $27,700 is a significant amount of taxpayer assets.

The ends cannot justify the means. A supervisor cannot hide behind his council’s

vote if questions like these are not addressed.

I fully expect the Supervisor to press on and continue on the path he has started. I do not expect any direct response from Supervisor Grube to address these unanswered questions. I do not expect the ZBA to be included in any land use matters from this point forward. I do not expect to ever have any direct communication with the Supervisor. A truly sad day for the Town of Gaines.

Michael Grabowski

Gaines ZBA Chairman