Gaines should put moratorium on new construction in Historic District

Posted 18 October 2018 at 12:15 pm


As a Town of Gaines citizen, I request the Town Board to put a moratorium in place in response to Dollar General’s proposal to build in the Cobblestone Historic District.

I am writing to encourage Joe Grube, Mary Neilans, Tyler Allport and Jim Kirby – members of the Gaines Town Board – to stop environmental destruction and new manufacture of structures in the Cobblestone Historic District.

This moratorium should begin with an immediate halt of any and all attempts to create new buildings in the Cobblestone Historic District, with the purpose to be used as a retail store, followed by phasing out any future attempts.

Stopping the construction of the Dollar General would preserve the integrity and honor of the Historic District. Our town is a thing of beauty and a National Landmark brings in thousands of people each year into the town.

The residents of the town have shown our pride for what we have through many celebrations and bicentennials. Those same residents have also shown remorse against having a Dollar General in their Town, with over 1,000 who have signed petitions, showing that the town’s citizens don’t want Dollar General within its Cobblestone Historic District.

Therefore, I urge the Gaines Town Board to take action on this impending issue by calling for an immediate moratorium.

Kenny Capurso