Gaines should get expert advice if it makes changes to setting of Historic District

Posted 13 November 2018 at 11:09 am


Al Capurso is right about any expansion or substantive change in the Cobblestone Historic District. If Dollar General were going to commit to designing and building an architecturally significant building I might change my mind.

The fact is though that there are historic buildings having international architectural significance there. Tampering with the setting should only be undertaken under the supervision of architectural firms with nationwide experience in such matters.

I did not really want to be involved in the Dollar General matter other than to say Gaines does not have the expertise to deal with the architectural  issues. Then I saw someone write that Gaines could hold private meetings to change its ZBA “by laws.” If a majority of the board was there, the law was definitely broken.

Gaines will need to start over again or risk the results of a lawsuit if followed any of these new by laws. You never know for sure from the papers but it lookd like someone needs to get a grip on this nonsense. This is sophisticated stuff that can make every one look like fools at the end of the day.

Conrad F Cropsey