Gaines should do moratorium on commercial development in Historic District

Posted 4 October 2018 at 10:16 am


Amazing! The Town Of Gaines Zoning Board of Appeals is recommending another solar energy moratorium. The previous one expired. Yet, they will allow commercial development and destruction of green space within the Historic District.

When the idea of a moratorium on commercial development in the Historic District was proposed, it was met with resistance from the Town. This isn’t “apples and oranges.” It’s a valid question as to where our priorities are.

It looks like corporate dollars are more important than historical and environmental protection. “Money talks, nature walks.” Why have a Historic District when anyone can wreck the surroundings and construct a cheese-box of a store we don’t need?

It is my hope that the town’s quest for “regulations” pertaining to solar energy isn’t a veiled attempt to outlaw solar farms in Gaines and keep us dependent on polluting fossil fuels.

Al Capurso