Gaines resident supports Carol Culhane for town supervisor

Posted 1 November 2017 at 3:43 pm


As a Gaines town resident I think our town is an asset to our county. But, we must continue to have adequate town government. As we all know, we have an election coming up on November 7th.

In Gaines the seats of town supervisor, town clerk, and 2 town council are up for election. This year could be the turning point for the town of Gaines.

I am proud to say I am supporting Carol Culhane as Town of Gaines Supervisor. Ms. Culhane proudly and honorably has served our town for six years as Supervisor. But her service, and care have gone on a lot longer than her elected public position has.

Her opponent is a recent resident, compared to Ms. Culhane. When a candidate runs for office, the citizens hope they can count on them for having excitement for their town, as Carol obviously shows.

Please join me on November 7th at the Gaines Town Hall and put in your vote for Carol Culhane for Supervisor, Joyce Riley and Sue Smith for Town Council, and Debbie Mitchell for Town Clerk.


Kenneth J Capurso