Gaines resident says Culhane, Smith work for good of community, not themselves

Posted 5 September 2017 at 11:09 am


To the Gaines voters, do you really want a change?

I have known Carol Culhane, the Town Supervisor, for over 10 years and it did not take long to realize there is nothing selfish about her. From all the time, she gives to the Veterans and servicemen and women, her friends and family and especially our town.  She is honest, dedicated, has integrity serving our community.

Carol is responsible for finding the 60 million gallons of water loss that cost us, the tax payers, $170,000. The discovery of the over-levy had a huge impact on the cost of the water districts again to us taxpayers.

As the person responsible for the finances and the budget, she keeps taxes in check while keeping the high standard of services we expect. Carol has assisted and written grants for the town hall upgrades and working tirelessly to get the most advantages for our town.

Do you really want a change?

Sue Smith has been a board member for 8 years working for the greater good. She is always participating and eager to address the concerns of the town. She does research to make sure she continuously makes an informed decision.  She is at all times prepared and constantly looking out for the constituents.

Do you really want a change?

If Joe Grube, Carol’s opponent, was ever should be elected Supervisor, would he be for the Town and the taxpayers or for the fire department, like he was at the last negotiation? He has not involved himself in the town government by attending meetings or learning about our town and its constituents.

Do you really want a change?

Susan Heard, the soon-to-be-retired county treasurer, believes in double dipping, which is legal but not approved by most voters/taxpayers.

A letter in this forum dated 12 September 2016, Ms. Heard stated the Supervisor was trying to pick cronies for committee members.  It looks to me that a lot of the cronies are on the Republican Committee presently endorsing themselves for candidates vs. looking among our community for applicants. It appears they got elected to endorse themselves.

Do you really want a change?


Ray Burke

Gaines Planning/Zoning member for 20 years