Gaines resident eager to see change in Town Hall, backs Grube for supervisor

Posted 4 September 2017 at 8:46 am


I have been attending the Gaines Town Board meetings under Supervisors Radzinski, Vagg, Harding, Lattin, and DeCarlo. I always had questions answered, and did not have to FOIL and then pay for those answers. I wasn’t referred to the Town Attorney who seldom knew the answer, or answered with legalese. I was never invited to come in for “a one on one” question and answer session by those supervisors because they answered me directly at the meeting, in public.

Former supervisors did not regularly go into executive session, leaving the residents sitting there, wondering what was going on. They didn’t vote without a clerk being present. The supervisors did not write up and sign the minutes. A member of the Town Board cannot take minutes. This has been done nine times since 2012, and is in direct violation of section 30((10)(b) of the Town Law of NYS.

The Supervisors never had a security guard, nor felt the need for the installation of a security window because of “being afraid of the Town residents.” We knew where our dollars were spent. The staff were treated with dignity and respect, and there was not an overturn in staff like we see now.

We had a recent primary against the Gaines Committee. It cost thousands of dollars to the Gaines taxpayers. In the past, candidates came before the Gaines Committee for endorsement and did not set up their own party line. Now we are having another primary against the “Endorsed” Republican Candidates, costing thousands more dollars.

Over the past few years, I have had the chance to get to know Joe Grube, who is running for Supervisor in the Town of Gaines.

I have found him to be intelligent, well spoken, and extremely focused. He listens intently and takes the time to thoughtfully reflect on what he hears before speaking or giving an opinion.

His professional experience and education are a real benefit to his candidacy. It isn’t often that someone who has so much knowledge in both the private and public sector offers to devote their time, energy, and expertise to our community by running for public office.

We’ve talked about his vision for Town Government; Being open and transparent. Embracing input from residents. Being respectful of opinions. Adhering to proper practices. Being fiscally prudent. I agree with his assessment on all fronts. I’ve come to conclude that it certainly is time for a change in the Town of Gaines.

That is why I fully support, and recommend you support Joe Grube for Supervisor in Gaines. His depth of experience and fresh ideas will be benefit to us all!

Lorienda J. Smith