Gaines Republicans should seek new GOP Committee members

Posted 11 September 2016 at 5:16 pm


The behavior I have witnessed over ten years of attending Gaines Town Board meetings and helping campaign for honest representation certainly favors the depiction put forth in Chairman Guy Smith’s recent letter to the editor.

Two years ago when Carol Culhane ran for Town Supervisor, despite having exposed and corrected a slew of wrongdoings, lack of ethics, and improprieties by town officials, she was denied Republican Party support by certain members of the GOP Nominating Committee.

Those members, currently seeking re-election, are Lisa Mannella (whose husband, as Town Highway superintendent, was beneficiary of an improperly negotiated union contract to the tune of $10,400 for each of three years), Susan Heard (who, despite learning that the then Town Clerk was exposed in a forensic audit for double billing the Town, accused Supervisor Culhane at a public meeting of “bullying” that clerk), and Lorienda Smith who seems to be led along by these others.

As for Joe Grube, his wife was denied an upgrade from Deputy Clerk to Town Clerk because Supervisor Culhane followed Town Law for the State of New York, and not the “good old boys” network.

There is a history of self-serving behavior and disregard for honest and hard-working taxpayers. Much has been cleaned up in the recent past, but if the old Nominating Committee continues to exist, it is an uphill battle to keep honest and genuine representation in the forefront.

Marilynn Miller

Town of Gaines