Gaines opposition hasn’t made case for ousting incumbents

Posted 1 November 2017 at 9:50 pm


The point of Chad Fabry’s letter on Oct. 26 could apply to most towns in Orleans County, Gaines being first.

The incumbent administration in Gaines has an admirable record of returning town government back to honesty, integrity, and openness for all. The town of Gaines is the envy of many towns in Orleans County and beyond.

What improvements for the common good of the town has the self-appointed opposition offered? They do not present an agenda, though they must have one. Their campaign has consisted of unwarranted attacks using false or misleading accusations. They offer no constructive improvements.  Their bucket has a hole in it and therefore is empty.

The voters need to do the right thing and go to the polls and return Carol Culhane as town supervisor and Susan Smith as board member and elect Debra Mitchell as Town Clerk, all on the Conservative Party Line.

David Thom