Gaines highway superintendent says town supervisor misinforms public

Posted 4 November 2017 at 10:07 am


I have waited long enough to voice my opinions and concerns regarding the rhetoric used in our local upcoming elections. There are so many uneducated misconceptions, it could take pages to rebut. However, I will focus one main piece of misinformation. After 24 years, I can verify the falsehood as it directly relates to my position and workday routines.

Let’s begin with our water issue. There is a misconception (presented through a video message) that the Independent Meter Readers will tell when there is a leak, “an alarm system will go off indicating exactly the time and the address where the leak is.”  (Re-elect Sue Smith Facebook Video)

Response: This is not true. Each unit is connected to a residence. The only thing the reader does (can do) is – read the meter (in gallons). When the information is downloaded, by flash drive, to the town computer, the water billing clerk is able to generate reports, selecting information, as requested. No buzzers or alarms go off.

Water Bill #1 (not #2): The Gaines Town Supervisor stated on the Orleans Hub (10/16/17), “Yes, there was a billing error. When it was noted by the billing clerk to the water superintendent the bills seemed high, Mr. Mannella said, “Send them anyway.”’

Response: Basically, the above information is correct. However, what Ms. Culhane did not include is that I was informed that there were, “a few inflated water bills in District 1.” She neglected to tell me there was a problem in OTHER districts – and it was a township-wide problem.

Water Bill #2:  Other than the Gaines Website (10/11; initial notice & 2nd notice) and Re-Elect Carol Culhane Facebook (10/19; second notice) – there was no explanation provided directly to the residents of Gaines. No Pennysaver ad, or Orleans Hub notice for the incorrect billing of bill #1 –  and no direct (attached) statement of error/correction (on bill #2). Every person that received (by mail) an incorrect bill deserved to receive a corrected bill with an explanation in the same way – by mail.

Response: Town of Gaines residents deserve to be kept abreast of billing errors, “glitches” and other issues in a timely manner. We all live here and we all have an address. Use it.

I can think of no better way to improve our town than using our voting responsibilities and change its leadership. I respectfully ask you to vote for experience, integrity, responsibility, progress, organization, and management. Vote for Joe Grube, Susan Heard, Jim Kirby, and Tyler Allport on November 7th.


Ron Mannella

Superintendent of Highways, Town of Gaines