Gaines GOP Committee member explains reasons for supporting Grube and his team seeking election

Posted 3 November 2017 at 10:24 pm


I find it necessary to comment on a few serious election topics: (1) facts on how candidates are selected by the Gaines Republican Committee; (2) relevance of residency; (3) Board Meeting attendance and (4) dollars & sense.

First, the Republican Committee advertises for the position, requesting the candidate to submit a letter of interest. After that, the candidate is interviewed by the committee, reviewing their qualifications, goals, objectives and visions for our town. After each candidate is given due consideration, a selection is made by committee consensus. This is the process. This is not new.

If a candidate chooses not to follow the process; so be it. But, don’t complain and degrade a process of which you did not partake. Consequently, not following the process made it necessary for a Primary, which literally spent taxpayers’ dollars.

A candidate’s former residency is another item that seems to irritate the challenger. Does a candidate’s former residency relate to his/her knowledge, experience or qualifications to the job at hand? No. Our current town supervisor comes from Rochester. Did that cause her not to run for the Town Supervisor’s office? No, and that still holds true. A candidate’s former residency has no bearing on his/her qualifications. Each candidate should stand on their own qualifications, merit, ethics and moral standard – regardless of former residency.

Additionally, the issue of attending Town Board meetings has been ridiculed and made into a political platform. Perhaps the idea of attending board meetings is recognized as a waste of personal time. Why? Agendas (and board meeting dates) are not advertised in a convenient format or timely fashion. Board minutes are provided (on web page). The only visible information is on particular resolutions that were made. No “items up for discussion” are included in the minutes; no “questions” that need further research/discussion and never is there a disagreement when the resolution comes to a vote. Really?  Never?

I find it difficult to believe in a system (or a board) that hides under executive session, never has a disagreement, and every member thinks the same… always and forever – the same. This is a great example of the tail wagging the dog.  I know that under new leadership, this will change – for the better!

Monetarily, we have watched current supervisor/board disperse close to $100,000 in lawsuits over windmills and a lane way. These litigations were not won, and current leaders are filing more lawsuits. Do you know why? I don’t – I can’t find this information in any of the Board Minutes – that’s for sure!

Current leadership lauds their own efforts in lowering taxes – but, what about the increase in our assessments? There’s a difference – let’s have an open discussion about it. The dollars belong to the taxpayer. The transparency to discuss best practice; where/how to use our dollars – is the job of the supervisor/board. That’s the “sense” that is missing… It’s time to change that, too.

Together, we can make the Town of Gaines great! Let’s elect the people that are ethical, sincere, will have open communication, and have proven, successful records. Your suggestions will create meaningful dialogue. Your questions will be answered. Rest assured. you will know where, why and how your tax dollars are being spent.

I encourage you to exercise your right to vote. I sincerely hope you will vote for Joe Grube, Susan Heard, Jim Kirby and Tyler Allport; a team that is ready and willing to work for you!


Lorienda J. Smith

Gaines resident & member of Gaines Republican Committee