Gaines Dem leader responds to ‘illegal mailer’ and ‘dirty politics’

Posted 5 November 2017 at 5:15 pm


As Chairman of the Gaines Democratic Party I want to inform Gaines Democrats: The recent post card you received was NOT from the Democratic Party. This was an illegal, unauthorized mailing. Any mail from the Democratic Party would have a return address. This is the work of the opponents.

When the Gaines Democrats met, both Joe Grube and Susan Heard had overwhelming support from the membership. They will serve as true bipartisan representatives and Gaines Democrats will be proud to vote them into office.

I have personally known Susan for 50 years (and her sisters), you can’t ask for a nicer person. She is an asset to the County, and will be an asset to the town.

When I met Joe Grube as a neighbor a few years ago, I was impressed by his friendly personality, and his government knowledge on a wide range of topics. Very impressed.

Gaines Democrats chose to cross-endorse these two candidates based on their qualifications, their dedication to the community, and their vision for the future.

Gaines Democrats, don’t let dirty politics get in the way of good government. Vote Joe Grube for Supervisor, Susan Heard for Town Clerk, Joyce Riley for Councilman and Toni Plummer for Town Justice.

Thank you,

Rick Ebbs

Gaines Democratic Party Chairman