Gaines Committee candidates ask for support as they seek accountability from town officials

Posted 11 September 2016 at 5:24 pm


If the Gaines Republican Committee is dysfunctional, our chairman, Guy Smith, should be held responsible.

Carol was a Democrat most of her life; Culhane wasn’t a registered Republican until she needed the support of the committee. Despite concerns, she was first endorsed by the Republican Committee. When Carol came for the next endorsement, the feedback from the residents of Gaines made us question which direction she was heading; and for whose best interest she was truly working?

Mrs. Culhane was reluctantly endorsed; she had no opposition. This past term, Culhane was not endorsed by the Republican Committee.

Mrs. Culhane runs an open door policy with her “coffee pot on”, ready to discuss questions/concerns. This policy seems only to be in effect during regular business hours, in the privacy of her office. During public board meetings, Mrs. Culhane fails to respond to questions and defers to the Town Attorney for answers.

Chairman Guy Smith scheduled an interview meeting with Sharon Harding (for Town Clerk position). The deadline date was June 3rd (the day BEFORE the scheduled interview). As chairman, he should have known the deadline date, and followed protocol. This Chairman’s blunder required Sharon Harding to carry her own petition.

The Town Board invested approximately $1,500 in training for the Town Clerk’s position, which Lori Grube attended. However, in a surprise move, the Town Board appointed Sharon Harding to the position of Town Clerk. Shortly after, Lori Grube received a letter stating she was no longer needed.

Ron Mannella, Highway Superintendent, has 20+ years of experience and has been endorsed by both major parties for the last 3 terms. Mannella’s impeccable work ethic and dedicated employees need no protection. Just ask former Supervisors Bill Lattin and Dick DeCarlo Sr.

Dave Allchin ran for Highway Superintendent. Because of his lack of experience, Mr. Allchin did not receive our endorsement.

In answer to Guy Smith’s comment of “vested interest”, he neglected to mention his wife, Sue, is a Gaines Councilperson. He did not recuse himself for his wife’s interviews. (Who is protecting whom?)

Ray Burke owns a building/business managed by Carol Culhane. (Vested interest, perhaps?)

Lorienda Smith has been a free thinker and leader for the past 15 years, and has probably attended more board meetings than the whole Town Board put together. Her interest and participation never wavers.

At Board Meetings, Lorienda asks questions; she also requests FOIL information. Although this may cause elected officials some worry, it is Lorienda’s civic duty. Gaines residents elected her to do just that. Lorienda is motivated and capable to stand up for what is right for the taxpayers of Gaines.

Mr. Guy Smith stated, “On Tuesday, September 13th, the voters will decide what kind of people they want to represent them on the Republican committee. We need honest, independent-thinking individuals that have the town’s best interest in mind.”

We couldn’t agree more!

On September 13th, please vote: District #1 – Susan Heard & Lorienda Smith; District #2 – Joe Grube; District #3 –Lisa Mannella & Donald Allport.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Heard, Lorienda Smith, Joe Grube, Lisa Mannella and Lorraine Oakley