Gaines candidate welcomes support at Republican Primary on Sept. 13

Posted 31 August 2018 at 2:40 pm


My name is Joseph Gangi Jr. I am on the ballot in the September 13th Primary for the Republican nomination in the Town of Gaines. This is going to be for the open councilperson seat in the General Election this November.

I had the pleasure of meeting many of our town residents from all political affiliations even before I decided to run for the Town Board. I wish I could have knocked on all your doors but that was not feasible so, I have to rely on the people I have met and the people who know me to share my message and to tell you about me.

I am 55 years old. I will be retiring this January 2019 from the City of Rochester Police Department where for 30 years this December I have worked. I have worked not as a sworn officer but as a civilian employee and for the last 12 years, I have been the Police Department’s Quartermaster. That is the supply person for the majority of items used by the department from uniforms to paper. A highly regarded position that requires a high level of trust and integrity, 2 qualities I am proud to say I possess. I have been responsible for budgets and have had to be fiscally responsible in spending.

It took me 45 years to find and marry my best friend Michelle. I am a devoted husband, father, now frandfather and friend. Most Sundays you will find me worshiping at Albion Free Methodist Church. I am the Orleans County Amateur Radio Emergency Services Coordinator for ARRL. In the event of an emergency where conventional communication is unavailable, myself and a group of volunteers are available to assist our greatly appreciated men and women Emergency Responders if need be to pass along information. I am also founder and former president of the Community Amateur Radio Club.

I have outlined my goals and objectives on agriculture, growth, spending and taxes. Out of those, the two topics that residents have great concerns about are spending and taxes. There was also a third topic that was brought to my attention that I didn’t realize was a concern and that is being available to voice concerns other than at the Town Board meetings once a month.

Let me address these so you fully know where I stand.

• Spending – I can assure you that I will not vote to spend one dime of our town’s money unless I fully understand why we are spending it and does it benefit our town as a whole. I will not be pressured or intimidated by anyone to take action. I will work and answer to you, our town residents. I will take the time to do the best I can and research these matters first so I can make a logical informed decision. We are not a wealthy town and we need to be extremely fiscally responsible with our town’s money that has been entrusted to the town board to oversee and spend “Responsibly.”

• Taxes – Unfortunately, sometimes a raise in taxes is inevitable. I cannot promise anyone that taxes will not raise but what I can promise is I will look at all avenues to make it as minimal as possible.

• Availability – I didn’t realize this was a concern until I started speaking to you. So here is my answer to this … I think there is a misconception that serving on a Town Board is simple and it’s only a one day a month commitment. How far from the truth that is. No one, I don’t care who you are, is elected to a position and is immediately anointed with all the knowledge and education to fulfill that job. If given the honor to serve on our Town Board, I will take the time to gain knowledge and become educated on being a newly elected official. There are classes that are offered and I will be there.

If given your trust to sit on the Town of Gaines Board, I plan to make myself available to our residents twice a month either by email or phone, whichever way is best, at the time so you can voice your concerns and after speaking to you, I will raise your concerns to our Town Board. I cannot promise that all concerns will be acted upon, I will not be sitting there alone but at least you know that you will be heard and you will have a voice with me.

There was a lot to read here. This election to some is small but to me, it’s one of the most vital elections this town has coming up. This board seat will require objectivity and conscience, two more qualities I can assure you I possess.

Come out September 13th and vote for me to be your nominee. Do not vote for me because we are friends, I don’t want that. I want you to vote for me because you believe I will do my best to represent your voice.

Peace and God Bless,

Joseph Gangi Jr