Fundraiser on Aug. 1 will help Lyndonville family pay for seizure alert dog

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 16 July 2020 at 9:03 am

Provided photos: Roman is a seizure alert response dog in a training program by Canines 4 Hope in Palm Beach, Fla. Jade Moore, an incoming junior at Lyndonville, looks forward to meeting Roman next month. Roman will be trained to alert Jade’s family and friends if she is having an epileptic seizure.

LYNDONVILLE – There will be a fundraiser on Aug. 1 to help a Lyndonville family pay for a seizure alert dog.

The Grove Inn United Methodist Church will host Parker’s Pitt Barbecue, which will serve pulled pork or chicken with two side dishes from 1 to 4 p.m. The church is at the former Apple Grove Inn at 11004 W Center St. Ext.

Elizabeth Moore needs about $8,000 more to pay for Roman, a dog being trained by Canines 4 Hope in Palm Beach, Fla. She has $10,000 so far for the dog, with $2,500 raised through donations and $7,500 earned by working overtime at Mizkan, a vinegar plant in Lyndonville.

Her daughter, Jade Moore, epilepsy and needs to be careful around loud noises, and bright and flashing lights – which are often unpredictable. She never knows what will trigger an epileptic seizure.

She can’t watch the Lyndonville fireworks because of the exploding colors and tries to stay clear of the loud booms. Even her brothers need to be careful with the sounds and screens from video games if Jade is closeby.

The seizures aren’t always started by a thunderous noise or flashing light. Sometimes they strike while she is sleeping.

Jade will be a junior this year at Lyndonville. She has had seizures at school, with the ambulance called. It’s worrisome for her and her family, and the school, because her breathing will often slow down during a seizure.

Jade’s mother stays close to Jade at night and may need to spring into action if there is a seizure. The family, including Jade’s siblings, keep emergency pills on them to give to Jade to help bring her out of a seizure.

Each day she takes 10 different pills to help stave off the seizures. Her mother said the medication seems to work for a few weeks, then the seizures start up again and doctors try other medicines.

The family had an new challenge last month when their home burned down on Townline on June 1. They lost all of their belongings. They have since moved to Ridge Road and remain in the Lyndonville school district.

Tickets for the Aug. 1 benefit are $11. Elizabeth Moore said people can text her or call to reserve tickets at (585)735-5501. The event is drive-through only.

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