Fundraiser established for Boxwood improvements

By Ginny Kropf, correspondent Posted 15 August 2020 at 3:00 pm

MEDINA – The amount of stones needing repair and trees which need trimming or replacing at Boxwood Cemetery is beyond the Village of Medina’s capacity to take care of, both financially and in terms of labor, said Kathy Blackburn, chair of the Boxwood Cemetery Commission.

Recently, Gabrielle Barone, who is a member of the Boxwood Cemetery Commission and Friends of Boxwood, came up with a suggestion.

She suggested having a fundraiser in which projects which need addressing in the cemetery are identified with yellow ribbons. This would include trees which need trimming, cutting down or replacing and stones which need repairing or replacing.

Members of the Boxwood Cemetery Commission took time out from their Aug. 3 meeting to identify several trees and stones which need attention. They have announced a fundraiser in which the public can adopt any tree or stone with a yellow ribbon on it and make a donation toward trimming or replacing the tree or repairing a stone. Clockwise from left front are Nicki Fredericks, Darlene Witte, Gabrielle Barone, Kathy Blackburn, Rob Klino and Todd Bensley.

Last week, the Cemetery Commission held their meeting on the banks of Glenwood Lake and finalized plans to kick off the fundraiser.

Commission members included Rob Klino, Todd Bensley, Gabrielle Barone, Darlene Witte, Shirley Whittleton, Dale Short and Joe Perry. They demonstrated how ribbons would be tied around trees and stones. A tag of some sort will also be attached to each ribbon with a number on it. Community members who would like to support the project can send a check to Friends of Boxwood, in care of Medina Village Clerk, 119 Park Ave., identifying the number of the ribbon. Checks may be for the entire cost of a project or a donation toward the cost.

From left, Rob Klino, Shirley Whittleton, Nicki Fredericks, Gabriele Barone, Todd Bensley and Kathy Blackburn tie yellow ribbons on stones in Boxwood Cemetery which are in need of repair. The public is asked to look through the cemetery and make a donation toward trimming or planting new trees or repairing stones which are identified with the yellow ribbons.

Blackburn said they are also facing the cost of re-leading the stained glass window in the chapel. A restoration group in Buffalo has indicated the cost will be $10,000. The Gothic Revival chapel was built in 1903 of Medina sandstone.

Boxwood Cemetery was established in 1849. The Boxwood Cemetery Commission was founded decades ago, but became inactive for a period of time. About nine years ago Whittleton and Blackburn expressed an interest in activating the organization again, and the cemetery board appointed them to the commission.

Friends of Boxwood was founded about 20 years ago and includes many member of the Commission, as well as other supporters. It was the Friends group which identified trees and stones in the cemetery which need attention. In recent years, the Friends of Boxwood raised money for the new flagpole in the newer section on the north side of the cemetery and painting the caretakers house in the front.

Members of the Boxwood Cemetery Commission chose a warm sunny night to have their August meeting on the banks of Glenwood Lake. Clockwise from left are Rob Klino, Darlene Witte, Todd Bensley, Nicki Fredericks, Shirley Whittleton, chair Kathy Blackburn and Gabrielle Barone.