Fuller is a hard-working highway superintendent for Shelby

Posted 23 June 2019 at 4:46 pm


I am the proud daughter of Mike Fuller, the Shelby highway superintendent. There was a mailer received Saturday by many Shelby residents from my dad’s opponent. While my dad has continually kept his campaign clean and focused on himself, I feel the need to clear up some untruths printed by the opposition.

1. Root states no politician should be in office for more than 40 years. If he had done his homework, or had his funders do it, they would see that Mike Fuller has been in office for 14 years, not 40.

2. Mike Fuller doesn’t see himself as the “politician” Root tries to make him seem. My dad will always say that he works for the people. He is not a “yes man” to the Town Board.

3. This leads to the statement of Root implying there is a fractured relationship between my dad and the board. Anyone who has met my dad knows he is an easygoing person and gives people multiple chances. With this being said, he knows how to do his job and will not be bullied, by the board, or anyone.

4. Root’s slogan has been “We need change.” Okay, but he never can give us a good example of the change he would implement. I have been door to door with my dad a lot this election season. I’ve only seen people applauding his work.

5. Root keeps saying he is this great businessman, but is he?

Election season is always very hard when your family member is on the hot seat. I know that I see my dad working 24/7/365 for the Town of Shelby. He loves this community where he was born and raised. He is not a yes man, he is a get down in the trenches and work with his guys man. He plows, he mows the cemeteries, he weed eats, he paves, he drives truck, he uses a shovel. He also works with the Town Board, does the budget, pays the bills and God knows what else.

One thing that sticks out for me about my dad’s character and work ethic is this: One summer Sunday I went to my parent’s house and my dad wasn’t home. My mom said he went to mow the cemeteries his guys didn’t get to during the week. Now, instead of saving it for Monday when his guys got there, he was doing it. He was saving your money. Remember, it doesn’t matter how many hours my dad works, he is salaried. I truly believe the Town of Shelby is more than getting their monies worth out of Mike Fuller.

Please remember to vote this Tuesday. Ask yourself: will Dale Root mow your loved one’s cemetery plot on a Sunday? Will Dale Root pitch in and plow roads to keep your family safe?

I know Mike Fuller will!


Amy S. Herman