Frontier stirs up controversy with plan for quarry by refuge

Posted 1 September 2016 at 7:37 am


Frontier Stone would like to create a controversy where none exists. Recently circulating not one, but two fliers, they are attempting to get residents to oppose proposed Local Law #2.

They want you to believe the law is government overreach. In fact, the Town of Shelby, Proposed Local Law #2 is an amendment to the zoning regulation that addresses all of the concerns the town’s residents have raised at every single public hearing over the past 10 years regarding the proposed stone quarry.

The Town Board listened to your concerns and addressed them with this proposed zoning regulation amendment. They are trying to protect what you, the town’s residents, have said is worth protecting, regardless of what the DEC thinks.

All towns have a Comprehensive Plan to address where, in the town, business and industries are best situated to allow for economic growth, and at the same time, to protect the quiet, rural, residential nature of the town for the residents who live there.

Allowing business or industry to pop up wherever anyone feels like planting them, does not allow a town to maintain its identity and the very reason people choose to live here as opposed to an industrial park.

In the Town of Shelby we have the Maple Ridge Corridor which has been planned and developed with input from the Orleans County Economic Development Agency so that industries and businesses would have a place to set up shop with easy access, and at the same time, not infringe on the rights of town residents to a peaceful place to call home.

The public hearing regarding this zoning regulation is just that, an effort by the Town Board to hear the public. Please bring your thoughts and concerns to the hearing (7 p.m. on Sept. 7 at the Town Hall), but don’t allow Frontier to stir up controversy where it doesn’t exist.

Don’t allow them to divide a town that is completely united in our opposition to this quarry being placed next to our wildlife refuge.

And don’t lose sight of the fact that the refuge itself is an economic advantage to our area as well. It brings thousands of tourists from all over the state and the country to hunt, fish, hike, observe endangered species, and to utilize the restaurants and businesses in town, just to name a few.

Wendi Pencille

Town of Shelby

President of Citizens for Shelby Preservation