Fratto would put America first if elected in NY-24

Posted 22 June 2024 at 9:09 am


On June 25, conservative-minded Republicans have to make a big decision who is going to represent us in New York’s 24th congressional district. Let’s face it, the last four congressmen the Republican Party put up were complete disasters – men and a woman with money and no principles, owned by the corporate donors that pretty much bought the Republican and Conservative parties’ endorsements.

Chris Lee, Chris Collins, Chris Jacobs and now Claudia Tenney. What each one of these awful candidates had was money enough to buy the endorsement from the Republican and Conservative parties.

Look, I’m guilty, we endorsed and voted for a few of these people because the alternative was an America-hating, job-killing, taxing, regulating, and everything-bad-with-the-country Democrat.

We had to hold our nose and stop that from happening. We don’t have to settle for that this year in NY 24. We don’t have to settle for RINO Claudia Tenney who votes with Democrats near 50% of the time according to conservative review which gave her an F on critical votes.

She and Chris Jacobs have a similar liberal voting score. Claudia is not the conservative champion that the Republican and Conservative committees in NY 24 endorsed for this primary election on the 25th.

My opinion is maybe it’s the size of the checks she could write because no one that actually looks at her voting record or has listened to the things she has publicly said with any intellectual honesty could endorse her or cast a vote for her.

I ask Republicans to educate yourself before you early vote. Don’t just go in the booth and vote across the line for the same monsters that let us down every time. There is an alternative to RINO Claudia Tenney. There is another Conservative Republican, an America-first Republican that won’t take the corporate money. He will defend our American culture and values.

He will not sell his soul or his countrymen out. Right now in Washington DC we have a uni-party there is no difference between Democrats and a good majority of Republicans. This man, Mario Fratto, is not one of them, he is one of us.

That is why Claudia Tenney is sending out mailers of 100% lies and going on talk shows like Mark Levin and telling 100% lies about Mr. Fratto. She is running scared and promised to run a dirty campaign if Mr. Fratto ran against her.

Ms. Tenney has a record of voting with AOC  to block former president Trump’s deportations and grant amnesty to illegals (HR1603 3/18/21). Voted with Pelosi to allow taxpayer-funded sex changes (Hartzler NDAA Amendment to gender transition funding 7/12/17). Voted repeatedly to fund planned parenthood (HR 1625 115th Congress HR 2471, 117th Congress).

Sponsored bill with RINO Adam Kinzinger to allow biological men in woman bathrooms and sports (Fairness for all act HR 1440 2/26/21). Voted with RINO Chris Jacobs for red flag laws to take your guns (HR 4350 9/23/21).

She is ranked 186 out of 208 House Republicans by the American Conservative Union (2022). Voted for warrantless Surveillance of Americans (HR 7888, Roll call 114, 4/12/ 24). She flatly and cowardly refuses to debate Mr. Fratto.

It is our fault if we send this woman back for another two years. It is the fault of every Republican and Conservative that has endorsed her. Mr. Fratto  will work to deport all Illegals and secure the border. Term limits for Congress, cut foreign aid and spend on funding for veterans, seniors and struggling municipalities in the district.

He will spend the money in his district, where it will do the most good. America first. Defend Parental rights. Vote 100% pro life. Ban DEI and Critical Race Theory from Schools. Support nation-wide Constitutional carry. I don’t want you take my word for any of this please take the time and go to or same on Facebook.

The Orleans County Conservative Party unanimously endorses and endorsed Mr. Fratto for Congress NY 24. Please, we have gone through four terrible candidates that did not and do not have the values we have here in Orleans County.

We do not have to pick the lesser of two evils this time between an awful Republican to offset an even worse Democrat. As Claudia said in her own words ” The only thing scarier than a person running with a lot of money is someone that doesn’t have a lot of money and wins. Because that person stands on principle and tells the truth.” The only true words from a carpetbagger, professional liar with a record to match.

Get out and vote early. Elect Mario Fratto for Congress. On behalf of the Orleans County Conservative Party Committee,

Paul Lauricella

Orleans County Conservative Party Chairman