Fox hosts pushed lies in pursuit of profits over truth

Posted 18 February 2023 at 10:50 am


The Court has unsealed most of the enormous tranche of text from major Fox hosts which prove they intentionally lied – and still lie – about election theft in the 2000 election. (Click here to see the court documents.)

They knowingly lied and pushed right-wing propaganda to divide and conquer rather than investigate matters and report their findings. (And it’s all in writing!) Their goal is to keep viewership up and not lose ground competitors like Newsmax.

Fox claims the First Amendment protects and permits the corporation and on-air personalities to lie. But, you and I know that intentionally lying is evil – protected or not.

This puts in a world where newscasters and politicians either wear white hats trying to build a better future or black hats with no concern for truth and our well being. There is no middle ground where honorable people can meet.

Seeing this in writing creates a moment where we all can quietly consult our collective conscience.

Conrad F. Cropsey