Fox doesn’t report on its efforts to distort the news, but the truth is trickling out

Posted 10 March 2023 at 7:34 am


Fox “Not News” does not report on itself.  Last week we learned Carlson, Hannity, Ingram, Dobbs, etc. give air time to people they have said in writing they do not believe on theft of an election they acknowledge, between themselves, are disproven.

Rupert Murdoch, the founder, testified this falsification was not about red or white but about green – the color of money.

This week we learned 1) these  entertainers call their viewers “nuts” 2) Carlson wrote that he deeply “despises” Trump and his Presidency was a failure, and 3) Murdoch passed leaked confidential Biden campaign information to Trump’s son-in-law J. Kushner.

Inter alia, Fox Managing Editor Sammons wrote “It’s remarkable how weak ratings makes [us] do bad things.”

In reply Fox Political Editor Stierwalt wrote: “What  I see us doing is losing…..  viewers as we chase the nuts off a cliff….”

Now Fox not only publicly lies but is now supporting rewriting text books to support propositions like teaching race as essential to society. Of course, banning math books and teaching that recognizing race differences is essential are topics for other days. But while Hitler burned books Fox is at the point it supports rewriting history.

This all is a developing story. Will the “nuts” realize they are being played? Will we remain a majority ruled democracy of, for and by the people? Will history be rewritten till the world is no longer recognizable?

Till then Fox is in a bind. It finds itself between a few fully delusional “news” competitors including QAnon and accurately sourced and truthfully reported news. But drip, drip, drip, truth is still getting out, thank goodness.

Conrad F. Cropsey