Founder’s Day celebration in Barre includes treasure quest at 5 locations

Posted 4 March 2022 at 8:49 pm

Press Release, Barre Betterment Committee

BARRE – The Town of Barre will be celebrating their 203rd birthday on March 6. The Barre Betterment Committee is presenting a “Founder’s Day Treasure Quest.”

The game will entail going to several locations and figuring out a clue to next location by putting a puzzle together. This is a way for everyone to be able to get involved without having a set event at a set location.

It should be fun for the whole family to drive around to the different locations and try to decipher the clues. The quest will begin on March 6 and end on March 13.

The Barre Betterment Committee has been active in the community of Barre since 2019 and have hosted numerous events including an annual Square-Dance, Trunk or Treat and the favorite Tractor Light Parade, although that event had to be canceled in 2021 due to hazardous weather conditions.

To find out more about the event or the committee, look for them on Facebook: Barre Betterment Committee.

The Barre Founder’s Day Treasure Quest – Are you ready to go on a journey? A journey around Barre? Well, let’s go!

The way this works:

  • You start at the first location from the clue below.
  • There you will find a box with a puzzle inside and a wooden token with a letter on it.
  • Put the puzzle together to find the clue for the next location.
  • Take one token from the box and keep until the end.
  • Go to the next location and repeat!

There are 5 locations including the final stop which will not have a puzzle but special instructions to complete the quest.

Good Luck! You have until March 13 to complete your quest!

Kids will need an adult with them as it will take driving around the town. If you get stuck or need help at all, contact us on the Barre Betterment Committee Facebook page.

First Clue: Go to the Flagpole which greets you at the drive of the baseball and square-dancing home.