Former Shelby town clerk will run as write-in candidate for Town Board

Posted 15 October 2017 at 10:12 am


After a lot of soul searching, I have decided that if I quit now in my run for Town of Shelby Councilman, I would be letting down not only the residents of Shelby, but also myself.

I am truly passionate about the fact that change is needed on the Town Board to be able to bring our Township back to the great working environment that use to exist and to the teamwork needed to try and bring the tax rate under control.

Why am I so passionate about change? I feel taxpayer money is being spent on items that the residents are not aware of:  A grant was received for a security system for the town building. Did we really need security cameras in every room? How much taxpayer money was spent above and beyond the grant? Pictures were placed in the foyer. They are beautiful, but at what cost?

Another employee was evicted from their office to make room for yet another conference room and big screen TV for viewing information on. Have we ever held more than one conference in the building at a time?  Do we need four conference rooms – more than our employees, who work in the building daily, need room to do their jobs efficiently? And, what was the cost to do all the renovating of this room?

For the record, I was endorsed by the Republican committee and was told I was expected to support all endorsed candidates. I chose not to support one of the candidates I felt was not qualified for the job and aligned myself with a person I felt was. I am not the typical politician.

I truly feel if our political environment spent more time working as a team that we would accomplish so much more for the people. If saying that hurts my chances, so be it. I cannot and will not be dishonest or act against the needs of the people for my own personal gain and just so I can get elected.

I was asked when interviewed for the position of councilman if I could put personal feelings and opinions aside and vote for the good of the people – I will definitely do that if I sincerely feel it is good for the majority. Yet, as I surveyed the situation in the town, I found what I felt was a lack of putting this “condition” of endorsement into action in several town situations. Our town offices use to work so well and supported each other in helping to serve the residents. Now all I see is discord, lack of teamwork, and long-time employees leaving because of it. In the long run, who will suffer…the residents.

Most of you know me and know that I have worked in several areas in the town so I have a good understanding of the needs. As town clerk, I tried to serve you to the best of my ability and will do the same as one of your councilman.

Change is needed in the Town of Shelby and I hope that enough of you feel the same way and will get out and support the write-in campaign of myself and Wendi Pencille (for town supervisor). We will both be transparent and listen to what you have to say, and do our best to represent the majority in all areas. We can’t change what has already been done, but we would like the chance to set our town…..your town….back on the right track.


Gerry Zinkievich