Former resident happy to have fled NY’s politics, high taxes

Posted 6 February 2020 at 8:43 am


In 2013 I retired and sold my farm and business because of New York State politics. I read the Hub on line and am wondering how you all can still drink the Kool-Aid these politicians are serving.

The infrastructure is crumbling and you have some of the highest taxes in the country. And you attack this president over nothing. Please examine the evidence from both sides of this argument in the transcripts in the House and Senate – no crime.

In reality the facts lead straight to the opposition’s door. Are you fake news like CNN …or do you get all your info from them?

And no I’m not a MAGA hat wearer but I do agree with most of what Trump has accomplished. There are criminal politicians on both sides of the aisle and Washington needs a severe cleaning! Schumer is at top of the list!

Ed Steuber

Former Albion resident now living in Erwin, Tennessee