Former Planning Board chairman says change needed with Gaines government leaders

Posted 3 November 2017 at 11:18 am


The Town of Gaines has a major division in the town due to the actions and personal agenda of Carol Culhane and Sue Smith. Example: On Jan. 2, 2012, Carol Culhane, just elected, had the new Town Attorney prepare a resolution to abolish the Planning Board, but he hadn’t been appointed Town Attorney yet.

Per New York Department of State, this should have been done by Local Law and a Public Hearing, so the residents of the Town of Gaines could voice their opinion on abolishing the Planning Board. Instead, three members of the Town Board made that decision for them.

Also, the Resolution the Town Board adopted, abolishing the Planning Board, needed to be sent to the County Planning Board for review, this per New York State Guide Lines as it was a change in the Town of Gaines Zoning Laws. It was never sent to the County Planning Board!

Carol Culhane and Sue Smith have repeated these same types of infractions over the past 6 years. Also, Carol Culhane will never answer questions by residents at Town Board meetings, “if” she allows privilege from the floor.

The Town of Gaines needs a Town Board where the residents voices can be heard and would encourage the Town of Gaines voters to vote for the Republican-endorsed candidates, Joe Grube-Supervisor, Tyler Allport-Councilperson, James Kirby-Councilperson and Sue Heard-Town Clerk.

Theobert Ahlberg

Town of Gaines resident

(Mr. Ahlberg is a past chairman of the Gaines Planning Board)