Former Medina village official urges write-in support for John Pratt in Shelby

Posted 16 October 2023 at 1:58 pm


In the 12 years I served on the Medina Village Board I learned how difficult a job it is and how hard it is to gain the trust of the people you serve.

John Pratt is just such man who has worked diligently for the people of Shelby as a councilman. While he first decided to step aside and not seek reelection he changed his mind for the good of Shelby and has decided on a write-in campaign for Shelby Town Council. He is honest, is fair and was a  pleasure to work with on inner municipal dealings.

In the recent past, John has brought up issues of transparency within the current board, a quick way to lose the trust of the people you serve. He also feels that consultants have ill advised the Town Board on many dealings costing the town time, money and trust.

John feels that the town’s bookkeeping has issues with inconsistencies and withholding information making correct decisions by members of the board difficult. John is also concerned about high water rates from Medina.

I can tell you that no one from Shelby has asked the village to sit down and discuss the rates in over two or three years. John is also concerned by individuals turning a blind eye to a toxic workplace for women. In today’s world, that is unacceptable. Thankfully, John has brought that to the forefront and it can be corrected.

In true transparency let me say that I am not a resident of the town as I live in village but town of Ridgeway nor am I related to anyone holding or running for office. With all the problems facing Shelby, most notably STAMP, a good qualified individual is needed to help on the board.  John is a good man, is honest, hard working and is fair and I believe can help the Town Board as it faces those issues.

I urge the residents of Shelby to write in his name for councilman.

Owen Toale