Former legislator candidate urges more people, especially women, to seek elected office locally

Posted 23 September 2016 at 8:57 am


With the election season heating up, people are already starting to think about next year’s local elections.

Recently, I have had several people (Democrats and Republicans) reach out to me, urging me to run for the County Legislature again. I want to be clear: I will not be running for any elected office next year.

Due to other personal commitments, I would not be able to give the voters and residents what they deserve—my undivided attention and dedication.

With this being said, I encourage more people to run for office next year. Democrats—it is an uphill battle, but it’s possible. Take a chance! Republicans—step up to challenge the incumbents and endorsed candidates in primaries!

What I would like to see the most is more women running for county offices. Women make up over 50 percent of our population in Orleans County, yet only one legislator is a woman—Legislator Lynne Johnson.

Women, please step up and run, with or without party backing! Also, with all due respect to other elected officials—I think it would be nice to have a “Chairwoman” of the County Legislature, after having a “Chairman” for so many years.


James White