Former LCS board member says Dillenbeck should stay as athletic director

Posted 3 July 2019 at 8:19 am


School Board members are elected by the people of the community to serve the school district and present to our students the best possible education through quality teachers and programs.

June 10, 2019 was my last school board meeting after 16 years of service. I was never more disappointed with the board than I was on Monday night. The community may as well have talked to the wall.

The majority of the members were not thinking about what is best for our students or this community. They were concentrating on their own personal agendas.

We have yet to hear the reason for their decision on why Lee Dillenbeck should not be returned as Athletic Director. As a board member I was privy to prior executive sessions and heard no justifiable or logical reason why he should not be athletic director. He was given a list of goals and improvements and satisfied each one of them. He has been an outstanding leader, teacher, coach and AD. What is the reason for dismissal? Will we ever know?

The board members need to get down off their high horses and return to reality and really represent this community. They say they want to have communication that is timely, transparent and reciprocal. Let’s see it!

As I voted in the June meeting, I still believe that Lee Dillenbeck deserves to be athletic director. As the superintendent stated last night, Lee Dillenbeck is the most qualified for the position and should be reinstated.

Thinking out of the box here for a moment: After all the publicity and heat this district is getting about this whole situation, I would not believe that anyone would want to apply for this position to take his place. What guarantees would they have that they would not be treated the exact same way?

Come on Board, serve this district the way you should. Gain back the respect and decency we once had.

Rick Mufford


Former LCS Board of Education member