Former governor was wrong to mandate Covid vaccine for healthcare workers

Posted 1 September 2021 at 7:40 am


So I’m writing this wondering why our past governor was allowed to mandate health care workers to have a Covid vaccine or lose their jobs. And now Covid cases are climbing and there’s already a shortage of health care workers and our new governor doesn’t have enough sense to rescind that mandate.

Who is going to take care of these patients if we fire health care workers for not wanting to get the shot? We are still a free nation, I thought. Several of my family members are in the health care profession and when they go to work they still have to have their temperatures taken when they go in, wear a mask, wear a gown with Covid positive patients and if they’re not vaccinated they have to be tested once a week.

They do more than most people do to protect themselves and their patients. And now to be told to get a shot or you will be terminated is insane and unfair. Let’s put more people out of work. But wait. If they don’t get a shot and get terminated they can’t collect unemployment.

Hmm, seems like the ones that want to work are being punished for standing up their right to say no. Now I chose to get the shot as did my wife who is a nurse but the key word is chose to. Should people be vaccinated? Probably. But if they choose not to I would hope that they are smart enough to stay safe, mask up and get tested if they don’t feel well.

Governor Cuomo should not have been able to make such a law when he was on his way out and probably should have not been left in office for 2 weeks to make stupid decisions like that. Wake up Albany.

Mike Zeliff