Former first assistant DA says Howard has experience and skills to serve as district attorney

Posted 7 June 2024 at 3:09 pm


Susan Howard is the best candidate for Orleans County District Attorney. I know her to be hard-working, on days, nights and weekends; honest, intelligent and well-versed in the law; and always well-prepared. She is thoughtful and fair in her decision-making. And, critically important as District Attorney, unwilling to resolve a matter short of trial, if justice demands that result.

I am an attorney, a Kendall alumna, who spent 40 years practicing law in the criminal justice system before retiring last year. I was Joe Cardone’s First Assistant for two years when he took office. I have also prosecuted in Genesee and Onondaga counties. I know what it takes to be a good prosecutor. Susan Howard has those skills, and Susan also has the experience needed to lead the office as District Attorney.

Only Susan has spent her career in the Orleans County DA’s Office, devoted exclusively to her job as a prosecutor of both adults and juveniles. She has experience in every facet of prosecuting, from handling the Traffic Diversion Program to regularly appearing in multiple, and often the busiest, Town Courts, as well as in County Court.

She has represented the People in appeals filed with the Appellate Division in Rochester. Hundreds of Orleans County residents by now (a new 23 every 3 months) have seen her work in grand jury. All those people should be voting to ensure that Susan becomes the next District Attorney.

Significantly, only Susan has actually lived in Orleans County throughout her employment in Orleans County, easily accessible to police and courts. As a former prosecutor who was on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I know how important it is for police to have a prosecutor who can be there when needed. Susan has already played that role.

While a defense attorney, I represented many clients being prosecuted by both Susan and her opponent. I know that the citizens of Orleans County will be best served with Susan as the next District Attorney. The registered Republicans of the County should make her their candidate through their vote in the upcoming primary.

Shirley A. Gorman, Esq.