Former deputy who now works for RPD backs Sobieraski for sheriff

Posted 17 June 2019 at 4:37 pm


My name is Herbert McClellan and I have been a resident of Orleans County my entire life. In 1992 I joined the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department as a road patrol deputy. I had the opportunity to work as both an investigator and sergeant, prior to lateralling to the Rochester Police Department in 2000.

I have been a police officer with the RPD for the past 19 years. During my career I have had the unique opportunity to work with both individuals currently running for the office of sheriff in Orleans County. I have the utmost confidence that Brett Sobieraski is the best candidate for this position.

Brett is a highly motivated, accomplished and proven leader. Brett and I both work in the Special Operations Division at RPD. I have spent many years working with Brett on the SWAT team and as a member of the Tactical Unit. I have seen Brett’s leadership, professionalism and work ethic first hand while dealing with very stressful and dangerous situations.

Brett leads by example and has gained the respect of the officers and investigators that work for him. As the sergeant of GRANET (Greater Rochester Area Narcotics Enforcement Team), Brett works and coordinates routinely with federal agencies including the DEA and ATF as well as state and local agencies, including the Orleans County Drug Task Force.

GRANET is at the forefront in the battle against the sale and distribution of illegal opioids and other illicit drugs in and around Western New York. GRANET, under Brett’s leadership, has taken numerous high-level drug dealers and violent felony offenders off of the streets not only in the Rochester area but in surrounding towns and counties as well.

Brett is dedicated, caring and committed to his community. He has been a youth wrestling coach in Orleans County and spent many hours over the years encouraging them to reach their potential both on and off the mats. In addition, he has been involved in multiple events to raise money, amounting to over $80,000 for charities including Special Olympics, Veterans Outreach and Huntington Disease Research, to name a few.

He has also founded his own charity, Limitless Racing, which enables disabled children to participate in local road races by having a partner push their racing strollers. Brett has also competed in many significant ultra-endurance events to provide support and raise awareness.  He swam 32 miles across Lake Ontario to benefit the families of fallen United States Navy Seals.  In addition, he has run in several 50-hour races to benefit New York State Special Olympics. He has also run multiple 100-mile races and competed in the Badwater 135-mile ultra-marathon in California’s Death Valley. He has participated many times in the New York Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run and many Polar Plunges.

All of this he has done to bring awareness and attention to those who are in need. Throughout these journeys he has encouraged his fellow brothers in blue to participate alongside him and to donate to causes that truly deserve attention. His motivation, focus and positive attitude are contagious.

In addition to his time spent raising awareness, Brett has been on the Drug Rehab Board of Directors at Huther Doyle Addiction Treatment Center for the past 18 years. He is truly dedicated to rehabilitation for those addicted to drugs and seeks to end the influx of illicit drugs into our area. To say that he is dedicated to the communities in which he lives and works is an understatement.

It is for the reasons listed above that I believe you will not find an individual more deserving of the position of sheriff of Orleans County. I know that Brett will be successful as our sheriff and will bring knowledge, character, integrity, passion, and leadership to the office.

These are the qualities of the leader we need to affect positive change in our community.


Herbert McClellan

Town of Carlton