Former county clerk says Shampine is the right person for the job

Posted 18 June 2020 at 8:26 am


Although the title “Honorable” preceded my name, in all honesty it was my honor to have served the good people of Orleans County for 14 years as your County Clerk. It was truly humbling to have earned the trust of the voters each time I was elected to office. In light of my recent retirement it is now with great pleasure that I officially endorse Acting County Clerk Diane Shampine to be my successor to the position.

I first met Diane when I worked as an Index Clerk. She would regularly visit the Clerk’s office to file documents as part of her duties working for various attorneys in the county. She impressed me with how dedicated and how hard-working she was for her employers and their clients, always with a kind word and a smile.

When I decided to run for County Clerk, my first decision was to ask Diane to serve beside me as my deputy. Her legal experience, work ethic and loyalty combined with a genuinely kind, friendly demeanor made her the perfect choice. I am truly grateful she accepted my offer at that time. We made a great team, assembled an excellent staff, of which ensured the success of my time in office.

Together we initiated and continue to support the “Thank a Vet” program, (providing official ID to obtain discounts from participating local merchants), introduced online access to land records and provided an on-site Pistol Permit Office. We provided kind, personal service to anyone in need, all while consistently maintaining a balanced budget.

The three offices the County Clerk oversees – the County Clerk’s Office, Department of Motor Vehicles, and Pistol Permit Office – are funded by revenue generated from fees for services the offices provide. I always treated the budgetary process as if it were my own personal budget for home, making certain the office runs efficiently while meeting all the needs of the county residents. I am certain Diane will continue in kind.

Diane deserves my endorsement because I know first-hand she can do the job. She started as an Index Clerk and then became Deputy. She has the necessary legal background as well as the confidence and ability to oversee every aspect of the office.

Diane has the experience and the knowledge which is needed to be the Orleans County Clerk.  Her hard work and dedication will provide a smooth transition. I believed in Diane and trusted her when I appointed her to be my deputy and when she became acting County Clerk.

That same trust and belief applies now that she is running for the position. You need someone with hands-on experience to be the County Clerk and Diane Shampine is the person for the job!

My sincere hope and aspiration for the Clerk’s offices is Diane Shampine be given the opportunity to be the County Clerk.

Diane will continue to move the office forward with fresh ideas and services that will provide additional resources for all who come into contact with the offices.


Karen Lake-Maynard