Former congressman shouldn’t get any more delays in sentencing for prison

Posted 12 October 2020 at 12:59 pm


Chris Collins did the crime, it’s time, do the time. Our ex-congressman was convicted of fraud, insider trading and lying to law enforcement.

Collins needs to go to jail, no matter who he is, no matter how much money he has, even with “connections” in high places, a Trump loyalist.

Lawyers’ excuses to further delay or eliminate his 26-week prison sentence for Collins include his age – 70, ill health – asthma and hypertension, as well as health risks.

Equal equals equal. Shall we release all 70-year old prisoners with asthma and hypertension due to health risk? The pandemic is a fact of life we all must deal with.

I have not committed any crimes, am in the same age group with the same illnesses; I quarantine at home due to the pandemic. Collins is a criminal deserving greater punishment than I. Collins is old news; the public is tired of his face, hearing his woes. Time to do the time, like anyone else.

Fast forward to the present. Who will fill that N-27 seat? We deserve better than the series of wealthy ex-congressmen named Chris who have embarrassed us, cheated or confused easily.

Chris Jacobs claims he was confused when he failed to support the USPS. Jacobs must be confused again, when he lies in his ad, claiming he fights to protect pre-existing conditions and jobs for us. Jacobs is a Trump loyalist; Trump fights to eliminate The Affordable Care Act during a pandemic.

We are desperate for leadership with integrity, someone who refuses corporate money, whose “connections” are us, supporters, met while visiting towns in N-27. That is Nate McMurray.

Carol Nochajski