For third straight day, NY sees new record high in deaths from Covid-19

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 9 April 2020 at 12:23 pm

New York State has a new record high in deaths from Covid-19 after 799 died from virus on Wednesday. That is more than the 779 who died on Tuesday and the 731 on Monday.

The state has now suffered 7,067 deaths from Covid-19.

“That is so shocking and painful and breathtaking, I don’t even have the words for it,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during a news conference today. “We’ve lost so many New Yorkers to this silent killer. It has been a silent explosion that just ripples through society.”

The state is bringing in funeral directors due to the many deaths.

Cuomo said he expects the death toll will drop because the number of new hospitalizations, new intubation and intensive care patients has been dropping in recent days.

He sees the state flattening the curve, and he thanked residents for their efforts to stay home as much as possible and practice social distancing. Those efforts need to continue to keep the virus from spreading at a faster rate.

“You’re not out of the woods,” Cuomo said. “Now is not the time to misunderstand what is happening. We have done great things and we have saved lives because we have followed policies. The moment you stop following policies, you will go right back and see those numbers shoot right through the roof.”

He said the state is working to address is overloaded computer and phone system for unemployment claims. The state now has 1,000 people processing unemployment claims and a new computer system will be activated at 7 p.m. today. Staff will call people back within 72 hours, rather than residents having to call the Department of Labor.

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