Food Service student at O/N BOCES excels at job at Medina Memorial

Posted 20 October 2020 at 6:19 pm

Press Release/Orleans/Niagara BOCES

Karina Bellan

MEDINA – Karina Bellan tells everyone that her Orleans Career and Technical Education Center program, Food Service, is the best.

“Coming here is my favorite part of the day and Mrs. Kronenberg is my favorite teacher,” Bellan said. “She is the reason I am where I am with my cooking skills. She has taught me the basics on up.”

With those skills and her winning personality, Karina has landed a job at the Orleans Community Health/Medina Memorial Hospital’s Nutrition and Food Service Department. The department is in charge or providing satisfying, nourishing, well-balanced and properly controlled meals to patients and residents.

Karina, a Medina High School student, has a lot of connections at the hospital and was encouraged to pursue the position from her home district, her mother and of course her teacher, Jessica Kronenberg.

“I aced the interview and got the job,” Bellan said. “I have been there for three months now and I help with making the drinks and salads. I love to cook and I find this kind of work very therapeutic.”

She works at the hospital four times a week and her supervisors seem as happy with her as she is with being there. Frederica Fuentas said in her first evaluation, “Karina is an asset to the department. Her upbeat personality and willingness to learn has helped the department in so many ways. The supervisors and staff continuously give Karina compliments on her work ethic.”

Ms. Kronenberg says she is very proud of Karina. “She is just awesome and deserves every bit of accolades that she is receiving. She is a fantastic student.”

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