Following Collins’ indictment, Turn 27 Blue says Congressional District ‘deserves better’

Posted 9 August 2018 at 8:55 pm

Press Release, Turn 27 Blue

Turn 27 Blue, a coalition of party leaders and activists involved in working to replace Rep. Chris Collins for over a year and a half, responded to the news concerning Chris Collins’ arrest and indictments.

“This kind of behavior is exactly why we came together to find a better person to represent the people of New York’s 27th District,” said Michelle Schoeneman of Citizens Against Collins said. “It has always been clear that Chris Collins’ priorities have never been his constituents.”

US Attorney Geoff Berman laid out a devastating case, charging Collins with securities fraud, wire fraud, and lying to the FBI.

“The facts laid out were extremely compelling,” stated Jeremy Zellner, the Erie County Democratic Chair. “It is very concerning that Chris Collins doesn’t appear to believe the rules apply to him.”

Turn 27 Blue conducted a series of interviews and forums this cycle with Democrats seeking to challenge Collins; the culmination of that process was their endorsement of Nathan McMurray, who is now the Democratic nominee.

Judith Hunter, the Livingston County Democratic Chair, remarked that, “Months ago Nate McMurray observed that Chris Collins was so deep in the swamp that ‘he had gills.’It certainly looks that Nate was right about that. We also know that he’s right to believe that the voters of NY 27 deserve a representative who listens to them and offers them real solutions instead of hiding behind the trappings of office.”

Jeremy Zellner – Erie County Democratic Chair

Nick Forster – Niagara County Democratic Chair

Jeanne Crane – Orleans County Democratic Chair

Michael Plitt – Genesee County Democratic Chair

Cynthia Appleton – Wyoming County Democratic Chair

Judith Hunter – Livingston County Democratic Chair

Jamie Romeo – Monroe County Democratic Chair

John Hurley – Ontario County Democratic Chair

Michelle Schoeneman – Citizens Against Collins

Amber Hainey – GLOW Progressives

Thomas White – Sister District of Western New York

Dan Beagley – Indivisible NY 27

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