FMC plans more soil removal and cleanup work in 2022

Staff Reports Posted 8 April 2022 at 11:38 am

MIDDLEPORT – There will be more soil removal and cleanup work in 2022 as part of a multi-year comprehensive plan to remove of arsenic and other contamination by FMC.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation said work starts this month and continues through December, weather permitting.

The DEC, in an update to the community, said construction activities may include demolition of structures on certain industrial/commercial parcels (the former Norco Machine & Sheet Metal Corporation site), as well as soil removal, soil tilling, replacement of the Culvert 105 storm sewer, soil sampling and analyses, and restoration activities.

FMC has been meeting with owners of the properties identified for remedial construction activities. They are reviewing and discussing their data, the proposed remedial plans and restoration activities, and to obtain their consent for the work to take place, the DEC said.

In 2022, FMC will be continuing remedial construction activities on remaining Operable Units or OU2 properties and OU5 properties north of the Erie Canal. The company will begin remedial activities on portion of OU3.

DEC and the New York State Department of Health will review and approve the remedial plans prior to implementation by FMC. A DEC field representative will inspect and oversee work being performed by FMC’s contractors and consultants is consistent with state standards and guidelines to protect the community.

OU2 consists of Air Deposition Area 1, south of the Erie Canal and west of the Niagara/Orleans County Line (Click here to see maps and more information), and OU5 consists of Culvert 105 and Flood Zone.

Work at OU5 was planned in 2021 but unable to be completed by the end of the construction season. The DEC said the 2022 remedial construction will include the following:

  1. Soil remediation at three residential properties south of the Erie Canal, on State Street, Freeman Avenue and South Main Street South Vernon Street and on Telegraph Road (Route 31E).
  2. Soil remediation on a large vacant property on State Road in OU2 and the abutting portion of the Erie Canal Corporation property, which is part of OU3.
  3. Potential work on certain industrial/commercial parcels previously affiliated with the Norco operation on Elizabeth Street and Cemetery Street to allow for soil remediation activities.
  4. Soil sampling and soil remediation of a large farm property northeast of the FMC facility, including utility corridors that abut the southeastern portion of the Roy-Hart property.
  5. Removal/replacement of the village storm water system (Culvert 105) on affected parcels north of the Erie Canal, and soil removal from affected residential, commercial, and vacant properties. This work includes replacement of the storm sewer across North Main Street and Sleeper Street. Traffic controls will be in place when working within and adjacent to roads. Associated truck traffic will likely be run on North Main Street/Stone Road, Sleeper Street, and/or North Vernon Street and then will travel northward to Pearson Road or Route 104, but may change in consultation with local officials and stakeholders.
  6. Excavated soils, demolition debris and other materials removed from the properties will be disposed of at a permitted disposal facility or facilities. Truck traffic patterns are designed to minimize traffic on Village of Middleport roads, to the extent practicable, and to maintain public safety along the truck routes and within and near the work areas.
  7. An existing construction staging area located on Telegraph Road (Route 31) will continue to be used.
  8. Areas that are disturbed during cleanup will be restored as close to pre-existing conditions as practicable in consultation with each property owner. All backfill materials will be tested to demonstrate that they meet DEC requirements for protection of public health and the environment prior to use.
  9. All efforts will be made to complete landscaping and restoration activities before winter, weather permitting.


The FMC facility is at southern portion of the Village of Middleport in Niagara County. The plant site was used for the manufacturing of pesticides, including products containing arsenic, between the 1920s and the 1980s. In the mid-1980s, the current site operation shifted from manufacturing to only formulation of pesticide products (i.e., mixing and packaging). Arsenic containing pesticides ceased to be made at the facility in mid 1970s. FMC started implementation of a number of environmental studies and remedial programs in 1970s. FMC is now completing remediation of the OUs associated with the Middleport facility as required by DEC.