Fix the problems to make bail reform work

Posted 20 February 2022 at 9:58 am


Let’s be honest here. Bail reforms were desperately due and fundamentally made good sense. I am not going to repeat the obvious.

But here, there and every where it 1) overshot by a wide margin and 2) was underfunded.

Where is the money for ankle monitors, for extra pre-trial supervisory staff, for mental health for those who need it, for job training for those that could use it?

Bail reform is just one part of fixing problems and it pushed the time to start forward and increased the number we had to try to reach.

Pointing fingers is counterproductive when we should be figuring out what worked, what did not, and make changes to do it better. Taking sides or overstating pros and cons is foolish – typical politics.

All need to roll up their sleeves and make the changes needed to make it and a healthy  society work.

Democracies evolve or they wither and die. It’s the defining question in this alt right era. It’s time to discuss and pull together.

Conrad F. Cropsey