First responders show Medina students dangers of driving while distracted or impaired

Posted 21 May 2019 at 3:34 pm

Photos courtesy of Medina Central School: Medina Police Chief Chad Kenward helps students navigate through a course while wearing goggles to simulate being impaired.

Press Release, Medina Central School

MEDINA – As prom and graduation season approaches, the students at Medina High School took part in a program about the impact on poor decision making with alcohol and drugs.

More than 100 students were at the Ridgeway Fire Hall on May 15 for a discussion on drugs and alcohol prevention was held by GCASA (Genesee/Orleans Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse).  The prevention educator, Elizabeth Aldaco, talked to the students about the dangers of addictive substances and making healthier choices. She also informed the students that she is at the high school one day a week and her door is open to anyone who wants to talk to her.

State Troopers urge students to not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they get behind the wheel.

The students were then brought outside where representatives from the New York State Police, the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office, the Medina Police Department and the Ridgeway, Shelby and Medina firefighters had demonstrations set up that the students rotated through on the dangers of distracted and inexperienced driving.

Maddie Williams tries the driving simulator with Chief Deputy Michael Mele providing some guidance.

The students went into a driving simulator booth, operated by the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office, and attempted to drive while texting. They saw how easy it was to have an accident or a near accident by taking their eyes off the road for just seconds.

State Troopers showed what happens in a rollover crash when someone is not wearing their seatbelts. Their simulator ejected a crash dummy out the window as it spun without it being buckled in.

Medina Police Department Lt. Todd Draper and Chief Chad Kenward led students on the simulator with the goggles.

The Medina Police Department had the students attempt to ride pedal cars wearing goggles that mimic being impaired by drugs or alcohol.

The final demonstration was given by local firefighters who showed one of their fire trucks and then showed the aftermath of a car accident using vehicles donated by Lyons Collision.

The demonstrations had a very real and meaningful impact on the high schoolers as they saw the dangers of being a distractive driver. The school district is very grateful to the first responders that spent time with the students to show them how one bad choice and can have affect their lives and the lives of others.

A Ridgeway firefighter shows students some of the extrication equipment used when someone is trapped in a vehicle.

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