Firefighters from several departments battle Clarendon fire

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 18 March 2015 at 3:08 pm

Photos by Tom Rivers
CLARENDON – Firefighters from several departments are trying to bring a fire under control at 16323 Church St., a house owned by Stephen Beck and his family.

In the top photo, Chuck Prentice of Albion, left, and Joe Brooks of Clarendon run a hose closer to the house for interior firefighters.

Mr. Beck was home at the time of the fire at about 1 p.m., alerted by a smoke detector, Orleans County Deputy Amy Jenks said.

His dog was safely rescued by firefighters. The American Red Cross is on its way to assist the family.

Ron Meiers of the Holley Fire Department is operating the ladder truck.

Twice firefighters were inside and given an emergency evacuation notice due to the deteriorating conditions.

Firefighters from Clarendon, Holley, Albion, Kendall, Barre, Shelby, Brockport and Hamlin were on scene, and perhaps more.

Smoke from the fire filled the neighborhood near the Town Hall, just off Route 31A.

Chuck Prentice and several other firefighters are outside the house, getting ready to spray water on the fire.

Clarendon Fire Company President Bob Freida listens on his radio. He gave an order to evacuate the house as conditions deteriorated.

There is no cause given for the fire, which will be under investigation once the fire is brought under control.