Firefighters from 20 departments practice water flow, mayday, search and rescue at Holley

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 26 June 2016 at 12:00 am

HOLLEY – Albion firefighters Matt Francis and Nathan Bloom are at the top, 103 feet, of the Albion Fire Department ladder truck today spraying water. Albion was one of four fire departments with ladder trucks – Brockport, Clarendon and Holley were the others.

They were part of a big drill in Holley at Precision Packaging Products where firefighters could practice water flows. If Precision or other larger manufacturing sites ever caught on fire, “we’d need an enormous amount of water,” said Harris Reed, Holley’s deputy fire chief.

The drill helped Holley and other departments determine how quickly they could have access and use lots of water for a fire.

Tanker fire trucks hauled water to the scene, and the water was then released into dump tanks. This photo shows volunteer crews from the Kendall and Barre fire companies.

Brockport firefighters spray water at the Holley Business Park, which includes Precision Packaging Products and other companies.

Firefighters also went inside Precision and practiced four scenarios of assisting employees. Firefighters also simulated two mayday scenarios where there was a missing firefighter. In those practice exercises, members of Fast Teams went in to find the firefighter pretending to be missing.

Clarendon and Holley both brought their ladder trucks for the drill, one of the biggest training exercises in Holley in about a dozen years.

Brian Bentley, left, and Jesse Babcock from the Barre Volunteer Fire Company help fill the dump tanks with water.

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