Firefighters clear snow from hydrants

Contributed Story Posted 8 February 2015 at 12:00 am

Provided photos
SHELBY – Four junior firefighters with the Shelby Volunteer Fire Company were out this morning clearing the deep snow from 24 fire hydrants.

The top photo shows, from left: Tiffany Petry, Mike Busch, Vinny Viterna and Samantha Dawn.

Here is the group after clearing a path to the hydrant.

Three other firefighters – Scott Petry, Jim Way and Serina Blair – also helped with the snow-moving task. Petry is shown with back to camera in this photo.

Firefighters from other departments have also been shoveling snow from near hydrants. Residents are welcome to adopt a hydrant in their own neighborhoods to make sure hydrants are accessible in case of an emergency.