Fight the anarchists by solving problems and doing good

Posted 2 September 2020 at 7:49 am


A brilliant conservative caught my attention Sunday. He pointed out there are anarchists on the far right and far left who simply want to burn everything down.

They are behind personal injury and physical destruction. They use hate and derision as excuses to blame whatever they can use to stir things up for others.

My initial reaction was “to heck with them” – actually worse. But that accomplishes nothing! It feeds them.

The answer is arrest them when you can, cut off their supplies, and solve real problems! By simply talking and solving problems you make them furious – ignored, marginalized, and with their matches gone and lighter fluid confiscated, they will be beat back into obscurity.

Some people realize this innately. Others have a harder time learning. But in the end the ones still talking big or worse out on the streets burning, looting, and killing and stirring up no good with their lies will never learn.

Good people need to join hands and do what is right. It always wins in the end. But it starts by

recognizing the haters, the liars, the pyromaniacs who are warped and can never learn.

Conrad F. Cropsey