Fentanyl also pours into US from China, India in problem predating Biden Administration

Posted 26 October 2022 at 8:00 am


In response to Mr. Mundy, I will not disagree completely with your letter. I do wish to direct you to a DEA report (click here) about fentanyl flow to the United States that show Mexico and China are primary sources of fentanyl trafficking with India an emerging source.

If you read that report and “China Primer: Illicit Fentanyl and China’s Role,” you see fentanyl is coming from China and India! The Biden administration is taking a hard stance on China.

The flow is across both borders and has been since 2014. The current Administration has taken efforts to control this flow. Making assertions to impeach a President and adjudicate for accessory to murder are very serious statements.

The border issue is serious. It has not been controlled for many years. Multiple administrations have tried various attempts and no one has been entirely successful.

I do agree that something needs to be done. It needs to start by immigrants remaining in their counties and applying for entry from there. It needs Mexican intervention at entry points to Mexico and on the US southern border. Walls and closing legal crossings will increase other methods of illegal entry.

People fleeing bad living situations will continue to try any method of entry to what they perceive to be a utopia. The US also needs to not have use for illegals in the labor force. Unfortunately, cheap labor and jobs that are seemingly beneath current US citizens make this impossible to control. A recession coming, war in Europe and the possibility or war in the Far East also will increase illegal entry on all borders!

While there is much rhetoric, neither party seems to give us an answer to solving immigration or illegal transportation of drugs. Opioids are a serious problem, being tough on crime does not solve the opioid problem.

Closing the border does not stop the demand for the drugs. We have a crisis that needs leadership, not words. I do not see that leader in the many candidates for office now, currently in office or future candidates front running for 2024.

I do thank you for speaking out.  We as citizens need to be vocal for change in a positive direction to allow our democracy to survive and be a beacon of light in the world.

I remind all to remember Emma Lazarus’ poem beneath the Statue of Liberty and the fact that the majority of Americans are descendant of immigrants.

Thank you.

Dayton Hausman