Federal relief package brings needed aid to Orleans County

Posted 16 March 2021 at 11:16 am


The Orleans Hub reported that unemployment was increasing in Orleans County, (2/8/21), up to 6.4 percent from 5.4 percent a year ago.

State Department of Labor reported: “Private sector jobs in the Western New York region declined by 50,800 or 9.2 percent, to 499,300 in the year ending December 2020.”

Also, the Hub reported that the need for food assistance is increasing. Albion Community Kitchen serving about 380 meals per week up from about 150 per week before the pandemic (3/14/21). Nationwide, the Census Bureau reported that: “Nearly 26 million adults — 12 percent — said their household didn’t get enough to eat sometimes or often in the last seven days.”

The American Rescue Plan will help alleviate the economic distress and hunger in our area. It is important to remember that Congressman Chris Jacobs voted against helping Orleans County. In the Rescue Plan that Mr. Jacobs voted against, Orleans County will get over $12 million dollars and most individuals will receive a check of $1,400.

Not only will this money help individuals but all the small businesses in our local towns as the people will be able to spend this money in local restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hairdressers and barber shops. This will help save small business and our small towns recover from the pandemic.

Mr. Jacobs would rather play political games than help the citizens and towns of Orleans County.

William Fine