Federal ‘bailout’ shouldn’t be used for rural broadband in cash-strapped Orleans

Posted 26 March 2021 at 2:03 pm


I can’t speak for any other towns or villages but only as a tax paying resident of the town of Yates. I do not think that rural broadband is the highest priority to be spending money on especially with all the options that are available and the cell phone technology and capabilities.

Our town raised taxes some say 11.5 to 15.5 percent depending on who you talk to. The tax hike I was told was in part of an $84,000 gap in our A account now for about 4 years that was caused by a book keeping error and other unclear forces.

I know for a fact that our cash-strapped town and over-taxed citizenry can not give up one dime at this time. I am and will always be 100 percent against the “Incompetent politician and union rescue act.”  A Democrat bailout of the failed blue states that was not voted on by one of the House and Senate Republicans, but if some of that money is coming to the town of Yates it better darn well stay in our town, for our people, for what citizens decide to spend it on.

The problems caused to the state economy and schools were caused by the failed Governor following politicized science and the partisan teachers unions. Not Covid. Most of our country’s states are now fully open that have been properly managed, also the need for fresh blood in our county’s political system is self evident There are many offices with no challenges in Orleans County for this election cycle with career politicians sitting in them. There is still time for common sense citizens to get an independent petition and carry it yourself.

Don’t be part of the problem be part of the solution. Do your civic duty. If elected set your term limits then go back to your life. As the founders intended. April 13th is the first day to start circulating that petition. Don’t let another election cycle pass with the same tax-and-spend politicians cake walking right back in to put it to you again for 2 more years. What’s that sound you hear? People moving out of the state. Stay and fight.

Paul Lauricella