Farmers use many conservation methods to preserve the land

Posted 28 May 2019 at 9:08 am


This is in response to John Metzler’s letter posted on May 23. How do you expect farmers to feed millions of people with antiquated methods? Should we be farming with horses in five-acre fields?

The removal of hedgerows allows farmers to utilize more land for increased production.  Farmers employ many conservation methods such as tiling, rotational planting, etc.

Our economy is based on an abundance of cheap food. Also, the greatest advantage in this country is that you have choices – organic, herbicide-free, etc. What would happen if you went to the grocery store and the shelves were empty ?

Farmers have a right to use their land as they see fit! We live in a Right to Farm community! They are the backbone of this country! They are held to the highest standards of the Soil and Water Conservation program. Soil and Water’s permission is needed  to remove trees, tile, etc., and a request will be extensively investigated before it is granted.

In response to the loss of habitat and wildlife, how many dead animals do you see on the side of the road? In our area we have a large population of deer and geese. During early goose season you are allowed 15 per day and  during deer season you are allowed 4 doe permits and nuisance permits are given out quite liberally. Quite frankly there has never been more game than there is now.

Leave farming to farmers!

Kirk and Alice Mathes