Farewell to 2021, a year when democracy was at a tipping point

Posted 1 January 2022 at 9:27 am


Democracy clearly at stake,

Not ordinary times

A pledge we must make,

Bright light on truth, what’s right must shine.

Democracy, at a tipping point

Voting rights obstruction

Chaos, noise, violence disappoints

Big lie fiction.

Blind followers, with selective amnesia

Ignore, ridicule, and mistrust facts.

Under a spell, like anesthesia

Of one who wants to be king, distracts.

A pandemic monster massacres,

Unvaccinated on a diet of disinformation

Innocent, health care workers and loved ones suffers

Face masks want a vacation.

What a difference less hateful,

Our most diverse administration in history can be,

Striving for greater a good, hopeful

A better way than before.

Carol Nochajski