Faith in mankind restored with response following big wind storm

Posted 19 January 2022 at 12:59 pm


At about 10 p.m. on the night of December 11th, a windstorm blew down a huge 150-year-old tree in our front yard knocking out power and crushing my wife’s car. No one was hurt and it didn’t damage the house. It could have been a lot worse, especially if it had been blizzard conditions.

What was awe-inspiring and truly heartwarming was the immediate response from the Medina community and our friends and neighbors. All offering to help in any way.

The fire department and sheriff checked in on us, which was nice. The next morning the electrician Eric Heveron cut a live wire off that was laying on the ground and moved it safely away. WGW Landscaping was absolutely amazing. Bill Wolter brought in five guys Sunday afternoon with a bucket truck, chipper, tractor and four different types of chainsaws. They worked until dark that day and had everything cleared the next afternoon, so National Grid could restore power. Zacher Construction brought in a huge forklift to take the massive stump and tree trunk away.

NYSEG guys came when all my carbon monoxide alarms were blaring because my gas generator was pouring exhaust fumes into the house through the basement door. Advance Technology company had to overnight parts from Texas to fix my furnace, which had been blown out with a power surge.

A very nice Spectrum guy came to get my wife’s TV back on. Of course, our insurance agent, Libby Pollard arrived early, and all the claims were quickly processed. We are truly thankful for everyone’s concern and help.

We are constantly exposed to bad news headlines, crime reports and divisive commentary, so sometimes we might lose sight of how kind and warm hearted most people are. The storm event strengthened our faith in mankind.

Paul & Patricia Hartigan