Fair royalty juggled many responsibilities during very busy week

By Ginny Kropf, correspondent Posted 4 August 2023 at 8:07 am

Photo courtesy of Katrina Gabalski: Orleans County 4-H Fair royalty pose on stage after being crowned Saturday afternoon. Sitting are Marissa Young, princess alternate; Sophia Albone, duchess alternate; Matthew Bloom, duke alternate; and Brody Collyer, prince alternate. Standing from left are Elizabeth Dresser, princess; Kendyll Kidney, duchess; Gracie Erion, queen; Hugh Gabalski, king; and Jackson Frasier, prince.

KNOWLESVILLE – Competitions concluded at the Orleans County 4-H Fair on Saturday with awarding of ribbons and trophies and naming of royalty.

Selected as the 2023 Fair Royalty are King, Hugh Gabalski, 16, of Byron; Queen, Gracie Erion, 17, of Byron; Queen Alternate, Danielle Schmidt, 18, of Kent; Prince, Jackson Frasier, 10, of Kent; Prince Alternate, Brody Collyer, 8, of Kendall; Princess, Elizabeth Dresser, 11, of Medina; Princess Alternate, Marissa Young, 11, of Kent; Duke, Owen Cornell, 12, of Holley; Duke Alternate, Matthew Bloom, 13, Albion; Duchess, Kendyll Kidney, 15, Medina; and Duchess Alternate, Sophia Albone, 12, Medina.

King Gabalski showed a great attitude throughout fair week. He spent time maintaining and presenting his animals in the rabbit and sheep areas. Additionally, he spent time year-round preparing multiple entries for the market auction. He has volunteered in areas all over the fairgrounds and is always kind and helpful to adults and his peers. He is a great example of a positive 4-H’er.

Queen Gracie Erion could be seen caring for and showing in the dairy goat and dairy cattle areas at the fair. She was one of the few exhibitors seen milking her cow in the cow barn. She is often seen with a smile on her face and offering to help others. When asked about her favorite thing at the fair, she stated she enjoys showing her animals to the public and spreading awareness about agriculture. She was known to share her pride and support for her peers as well.

Queen Alternate Danielle Schmidt decided to show beef this year, in addition to showing llamas, and she did lots of work to learn the new area. During her shows, she ran back and forth to her different barns to care for her animals. In the evenings, she was known to sing in the karaoke event and offer her support anywhere it was needed.

Prince Jackson Frasier showed great dedication to his goats. He always made sure they had clean water and feed. He was also seen hustling to the goat barn to check on his animals when the storms rolled in. His hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed.

Prince Alternate Brody Collyer spent the week showing and caring for his cows. His favorite thing about the fair this year was meeting new people. When presented with a frustrating situation in the show ring, he said he smiled and pushed through, not letting it get him down. He could also be seen taking care of garbage or helping in the Senior Council Stand.

Princess Elizabeth Dresser is traditionally a dairy cow exhibitor, however, this year she expanded her interests by exhibiting beef cattle and swine, as well. She was able to successfully juggle all her animal areas and shing bright with a smile while showing. Her nominators said she was a wonderful example for others with her positive attitude, despite being such a young 4-Her.

Princess Alternate Marissa Young showed dogs throughout the week. She volunteered extra time in the dog area and was always ready and willing at the drop of a hat. She maintained her area and all three of her dogs. She was quick to have a smile and was always sharing her positive attitude.

Duke Owen Cornell was hopping around all week long. He did a great job keeping his goat exhibit neat and clean. He was always ready and willing to help with any task. He was seen working with the garbage crew daily. It was said he is very courteous and a great example of a r-Her.

Duke Alternate Matthew Bloom showed dairy and beef cattle, as well as swine throughout the week. His nominators said he demonstrated so much heart and care for his peers and was always willing to lend a helping hand. He was seen coaching younger 4-H’ers throughout the week.

Duchess Kendyll Kidney has not only participated extensively in fair, but also throughout the year in Senior Council and the Fair Board. At fair, she completed a number of hours on the grill in the Senior Council Stand. She was seen working long hours and closing the stand at 10 p.m. throughout the week she was seen helping many younger 4-H’ers in the stand, as well as in their animal areas. When asked what her favorite thing about the fair was, she replied, “Seeing younger kids get excited about the animals.”

Duchess Alternate Sophia Albone participated in several areas of the fair throughout the week. At one point she managed three shows at the same time and was always communicating with the superintendents to ensure the shows weren’t being held up. When rushing to the dog show in her riding gear, she didn’t let the rush get to her and she still had a smile on her face while she showed. When her area was completed for the week, she stayed and continued to support her peers, including helping the horse area tear down and rebuild their indoor arena.